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Magicart Maintenance Instructions


The controls and drives of the cart are powered by two, maintenance-free, batteries. They are located in the battery compartment. Technical details can be found on the rating plate of the battery.

If the batteries are not recharged when red LED lights up, this can lead to irreversible damage (total discharge). When this happens, it is no longer possible to recharge the batteries.

Recharging must only be carried out with a suitable battery charger. The battery charger must be designed for a battery voltage of 24 V.

Warning! The battery must be charged in accordance with the operating instructions of the manufacturer of the battery charger.
Battery recharge socket
Operating sequence to recharge batteries
1 Park the cart – main switch to OFF position.
2 Connect the battery to the charging plug 4 – following the sequence in the operating instructions of the battery charger.
3 Changing current: Max. 5 A.
4 After charging is complete, disconnect the battery charger.

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