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Magicart - An innovative idea which will glide you into the next millennium quietly and smoothly

  A four-wheeled cart or platform truck as usual, however you push it without any effort whatsoever.

When pushing or pulling the touch-sensitive handles, the sensor for the auxiliary drive is actuated, providing the power to move the truck. Steering the truck then becomes much easier as each handle directs power to the wheels on each side of the truck. Not only does this mean that anyone can now move very heavy loads, but they can do so safely and more effectively.

    MagiCart incorporates many features to make light work of heavy loads:

Amazing manoeuvrability and mobility through narrow aisles, corridors and around corners

Maintenance-free and gearless wheel hub drive (no wearing parts that require lubrication)

Heavy duty batteries, maintenance-free, allowing up to 20 km of nonstop operation

Increased range from batteries which use recycled kinetic energy from the braking action, the motor becoming a generator to the batteries

Drive located under vehicle, allowing the entire load surface to be utilised

External, fully automatic battery charger

Electromagnetic parking brake helps prevent

accidental movement

Load-carrying capacity: up to 500kg

rearward = pull
forward = push
  The touch sensitive handles provide superb control and increased manoeuvrability in numerous situations: over problem surfaces (e.g. carpets, uneven floors, studded vinyl floors), when accelerating and braking on ramps and slopes, round tight corners etc.  
  The MagiCart easily moves up to 500kgs with the aid of sensor -controlled auxiliary drives  
    With a little bit of MagiCart you can make the hard work disappear  


Helps to reduce Health & Safety problems

  Reducing the strain on manual handling operatives is a sure-fire way to improve productivity. It is a well known fact that a considerable proportion of all sick-leave payments are a consequence of back problems. Pushing heavy trucks and trolleys throughout the day can spell disaster for the efficiency of your business. Did you know that nearly half of all back problems could be avoided through the use of proper lifting and transport equipment?

MagiCart relieves the burden on your operatives, allowing improvements in transport cycle times and productivity. Together with greatly reduced sick-leave, this adds up to a vast improvement for any business.

  • Release the potential in your staff
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve working conditions
    Now anyone can transport a wide variety of goods with ease and efficiency  
  Customised superstructures can be added to perform a wide variety of functions. These are ideally suited for in-house transportation of smaller goods and distribution of mail or documents. Please call us with your specific requirements.  

Creating a flexible environment


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