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Magicart Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance intervals

Every effort has made during the development of MagiCart to keep the amount of maintenance as low as possible. Although MagiCart is maintenance-free, certain routine tasks are still necessary:

Every 2 weeks
Checking battey capacity when the cart is not in use:
Switch on the cart and check the capacity by inspecting the battery level indicator LED.
If the yellow LED of the battery level indicator lights up, the batteries must be recharged immediately. Otherwise there is a risk of total battery discharge.
Option for air-filled tyres - check the tyre pressure:
Steering wheels (260mm): 2.5 bar
Steering wheels (400mm): 2.0 bar

When necessary
Clean surface with a standard aluminium cleaner
Clean the sensor handles with spirit
No moisture must be allowed to enter the battery compartment or the sensor handles!

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