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Magicart Operating Instructions

Operating and safety elements

Magicart operating elements

Sensor handles (1) on the left and right

The movement and control of the cart is carried out with the aid of both sensor handles.
Power input sensor handles
The force exerted on the handles (cf. Figure 3) determines the direction of travel.

If the force applied to the left and right handle is equal, the cart moves in a straight line. If the force applied differs, the cart steers towards the side where the greater force is applied. Rotation on the spot can be achieved be moving the handles in opposite directions.

The sensor handles also have a hand direction system. In connection with this system, the auxiliary drives are only activated when the handles of the operator enclose both sensor handles.

If the MagiCart is fitted with the optional electromagnetic locking brakes, these are only released when both hands are closed around the sensor handles. As soon as on hand is removed, the brakes are applied after a short delay. If both hands are removed, the brakes are applied immediately.

Main switch (2) (key operation)

Main switch for Magicart
The main switch is located below the right - hand sensor handle. On the MagiCart it has the function of switching the appliance on and off, with a special version to switch the appliance off quickly in an emergency, and with protection against unauthorised operation by means of a key.
To switch on the cart: release red button and switch on with the key ( = ON position).
To switch off the cart: press the red button (= OFF position); in this position, the red button locks into place or turn the key to the off position.
When switched off, the action of the cart is like standard four - wheeled carts without auxiliary drives.

Battery level indicator (3)

Battery level indicator
A light - emitting diode (LED) indicates the charging level of the batteries. After the cart has been switched on, the battery level is shown as follows:
= Remaining capacity Approx 50 - 100%
= Remaining capacity Approx 20 - 50%
= Remaining capacity Approx < 20%
STOP! If the red LED lights up after the cart is switched on, or if it lights up for longer than 10 seconds during operation do, the batteries must be recharged immediately. If this instruction is not complied with, there is a danger of total battery discharge, which could damage the batteries.

Horn (3.1)

Horn to let others know you are near them

Electromagnetic parking brakes (5)

Magicart electromagnetic brakes
MagiCart is fitted as standard with optional electromagnetic parking brakes. These have the function of braking the cart in emergencies and locking it in the position. The brakes are integrated into the housing of the auxiliary drives
The electromagnetic parking brakes are designed as safety brakes. To prevent premature wear, the cart should be brought to a standstill by the auxiliary drives in normal operation.
Because of the special safety requirements, the electromagnetic parking brakes engage immediately when there is a fault, e.g. if the battery provides no power. The cart can then only be used (without the auxiliary drives) after brakes have been released mechanically.

To do this, the lever must be moved to the middle position (= released position) to release both brakes. The extension piece supplied must first be screwed onto the lever. Top resume normal transport operation, the levers must again be moved to "travel position" (lower end position) and the extension piece must be unscrewed.

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