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MERLIN HOUSE 5 Cross Way, Hillend Industrial Park, Dalgety Bay, Fife, KY11 9JE. Scotland

Tel: +44 (0)1506 871757

Magicart Maintenance Instructions

Spare parts troubleshooting

Only original MagiCart spare parts or identical parts must be used.

Fault Possible cause Remedy
No power for auxiliary drives a) Insufficient battery charge Recharge the batteries
b) Fuse F1 or F2 defective Check the fuses and replace if necessary (in battery compartment)
c) Lever not in operating position (only with electromagnetic parking brakes) Move lever to the lower position (operation)
Batteries do not charge a) Faulty connection to battery charger Check the connector and leads
b) Batteries have been damaged by a total discharge Replace batteries (see section "Removing / installing the batteries")
c) Battery charger defective Proceed as recommended by the manufacturer

In the event of any unusual circumstance of defects of the MagiCart, please immediately contact us.

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