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Magicart Operating Instructions

Use / Applications

MagiCart is designed for use on firm and level surfaces, with a maximum payload of 500kg. When used on other surfaces, with attachments or as special versions, e.g. larger load platforms, the effective payload is reduced.


The permissible payload depends on the incline to be overcome (max 10%).

The relationship between incline and payload is shown in the following table:

Payload / incline of the Magicart

Permissabe loads

The cart is designed for use internally to transport unit loads. According to arrangement, the dimensioning of the MagiCart for inclines or ramps can be optimised.

It is forbidden to use the cart to transport:


Liquids and pourable goods without suitable spill - proof containers
Goods subject to regulations for hazardous goods

Loading surface

Only the area marked in grey in shown below may be used as the loading surface. The centre of gravity of the payload must be in the middle of the loading surface.

Only the grey shaded area should have any load

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